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Making stuff is fun.

And that’s why we created Make Club!

But what is it? Make Club is a salon-like gathering that works like a Book Club for makers. Each month a new theme is announced, and folks work in their own spaces to create something based on that theme. At the end of the month the group gathers together to share their creations with one another, along with feedback, support, enthusiasm, and encouragement.

I’ll be hosting Make Club events at C3 Lab in Charlotte, NC starting in January.

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How it all came to be…

You’re a maker. A doer. A creator. Someone who understands that making things with your hands keeps you grounded. I know you because I am you. And I realized I needed a way to make sure I stepped away from screens on a regular basis and did just that: make things with my hands. And what better way to do that than to commit to doing it with other like-minded friends? Make Club is a judgment free, self-doubt free space where you can share your work, talk about your process, and enjoy the company of other people like you.

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